Monday, March 3, 2014

My winning-saraburi samakorm competition

A bit disappointed. Out of 10 submission, 3 of them do not have placing. All accepted though, so no fake. :) 2x Lp lampoo bkp 2502 somdej and luang ta pan bkp 2502 somdej.
Checked with the director of samakorm. Mr keng rong nam,  he said lampoo received more than 20 pieces of pim Yai n luang ta pan received 18. Very difficult to get placing since my amulet condition is not tip top.
Below is the outcome:
1. Lp thuat wat changhai 2524 Pim kamakan -  1st placing
2. Lp pu somdej . Wat in, Pim tan Sam kheng. Klom. - 1st placing
3. Lp sri,  wat sakae,  phrom, silver, small face - 1st placing
4. Lp thuat wat changhai 2497 Wahn,  Pim khlang -  2nd placing
5. Lp parn somdej Pim nok,  samathi - 3rd placing
6. Lp thuat wat changhai 2508 Lang nang suer -  4th placing
7. Lp. Tim. Somdej yant har 2517 - 4th placing
8. Lp. Lampoo wat bkp 2502 somdej Pim yai - accepted without placing
9. Luang dta pan wat bkp 2502 somdej Pim Yai lai yok.-  accepted without placing
1st placing got competition book n 2nd n 3rd placing got phra naprok brai ma kam as gift.

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