Saturday, June 27, 2015

2514 ajarn nong lpt wat sai kow

Sharing a tip top condition first batch lpt by ajarn nong, peer of ajarn tim (creator of lpt). Ajarn nong is popular with his lpt n takrut narai highly sought after by many. This batch of lpt represents the best from ajarn nong since it was inserted with master's gold takrut.

It is also the batch that look alike with the million dollar 2497 ajarn tim wch lpt. In fact it was mixed with huge amount of 2497 powder.

Pim phi nai khum, hand mold. Wide side, special n limited qty made.

Why this is highly collectable?
- first batch lpt by ajarn nong. The newer batch 2540 now are already getting hot not to mention first batch
- ajarn nong n ajarn tim n ajarn daeng are from same lineage. The most famous lpt maker in Thai.
- mixed with lots of 2497 herbs chanted by ajarn tim
- inserted with master gold takrut
- proven efficacy on career progression n danger free. It is known that any lpt wearer will not meet with any road accident

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