Saturday, June 27, 2015

Champ of Champ - 2540 lpt Ajarn Nong Wat Sai kaw Pim Kamakan

2540 batch is getting very hot n popular now. I already have pim yai, pim phra rod n pim khlang. With this, i have completed full set of 2540 collection.

What i shared is really original and untouched. Unworn too. Still in original skin and colour. 

There are few batches that worth to collect n thus is certainly one of them. Not only it contains lots of 2497 wahn, it has takrut of ajarn nong n it was made in small qty. From my information, pim kamakan with silver takrur only made 800 pieces. Gold takrut 200 pieces. Total made 1000 for pim kamakan. Also, this batch has gone through big chanting ceremony. It was also the third last batch made by Ajarn Nong before he passed away. So, very worth to collect.

Btw, not many ppl know that 2540 kring is also very expensive n hard to find.

Prices has gone up a lot now for this batch as most collector dont want to let go. Same for 2536 batch. So hard to find n so expensive nowadays.

Enjoy while i still have it :)

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