Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some thoughts!

Half year has passed and i have progressed so much in amulets collection. Few years back, it is only in my dream to own a benjapakee somdej. The price has gone up to a point which is too far fetch for me.

But amulet has helped me in many aspects. Especially my career and work. So much difference with the right support and boss. i am doing work that i nvr imagine possible in 2013. I can afford much higher-end amulets now and get to connect with all the amulets big bosses in Thailand behind the scene.

In just 3-4 months time, i collected 2 Wat Ket Somdej, 3 khunphen long phim and kayasart, numerous others lp thuats and LP Boon amulets. And many others. Of course, spent a fortune on all these amulets as well.

As an expert friend once told me, in order to learn how to authenticate, i have to see the real piece. and see it frequent enough until it just grow into you. Now i realise, how true it is. It is hard to learn by seeing books and pictures. Without really seeing the real piece. I understand now. And i live by it now. Also those learning i shared in my previous blogs are so much valid. Time tested and still firmly practised.

This year is a great year to collect "blue chip" amulets :) Price either stagnant or drops. Newbies rushing in to buy new amulets with beautiful design...haha....so, demand of "blue chip" amulet drops a little. So, this creates opportunity for me to collect at great prices.

My next aim will be LPT 2505 Pim A.


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  2. Agree with you on can't really learn on just looking at those photo.