Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rare: Somdej Luang Phu Parn (Wat Kusalord)

Super rare to find. Wat kusalord porcupine. Commonly seen are roosters n fish n garuda but for porcupine it is hard to come by.

Not many people heard of what kusalord. Until recently. But many people heard about LP Parn of Wat Ban num kho from Ayuthya. I have written a lot about LP Parn in my previous post as he is one of my most respected monks who has helped me in many occasions. Until now, i am still chanting his katha and felt great about it.

Wat kusalord batch was made by lp parn too in 2460. Chanted by him and disciple n mixed with the wicha powder usually put on top in small quantity. But for those pieces that happened to mixed with a lot of wicha powder, the material is usually harder , greyish green and has different texture than other Wat kusalord. That separates the price point. Usual Wat Kusalord is only few thousand THB but this type of material can go up to 25000 thb. Quite expensive but considering this history and also origin of the amulet, it is much cheaper than a real Mc-Coy Wat ban num kho lp parn.

Lp parn somdej is well known in the world n cost up to 600000 thb for top pim n condition. So for ppl that just want to experience lp parn amulet, this is a good choice.

What is shown is a top condition, top form wat kusalord somdej porcupine. Hard to find..

Some friend asked me , why this looks like fish? but i said it is a porcupine? Ya, not typo, it is really a porcupine :)


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