Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some info on Somdej Wat Ket ChaiYoh

Phra somdej wat ket chaiyoh were made by Somdej Putarjarn Toh Promarangsri in 2409 (150+ years ago). From the record book of Phra yathip Kosa by Phra Dharm Thavorn (a novice monk that helped Somdej Toh in making this batch of somdej in 2409), 2 main form were made; 7 tier base and 6 tier base. All these para somdej were made and kept in base of big buddha statue of Wat ket chaiyoh in order to extend merit to his mother named "ket" and his grandfather "Chai". 

There are many pims created. But the more popular and widely recognised by Thai experts are only few:

i. 7 tiers popular mold
ii. 6 tiers full chest mold
iii. 6 tiers groove chest mold

Material used for phra somdej ket chaiyoh is similar to Somdej Wat rakhang. But more firm, compact and look like marble. This is the characteristic. and it has traces of sand paper rubbing at all 4 sides as well as the back of somdej. So, this differentiates Somdej Wat ket with Somdej WRK/BKP.

And in terms of price, Wat ket is still within reach for most highend collectors. In the range of SGD10k up to 35k. Whereas a piece of Somdej WRK, it costs anything between 2 mil THB to 20 mil THB.

Effect of Somdej Wat Ket: Enhance personal power, increase charm and loving kindness, prevent / avoid accident, promote safety and to make sacred holy water for treating various terminal illnesses.

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