Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LP Phrom of Wat Chong Kae

 Recently get to know more about LP Phrom of Wat Chong kae and started to learn more and more. i don't understand why his amulet is so expensive until recently i met with a few collectors from Thailand and all with a lot of good testimonials to share on his amulets. On how a fisherman become millionaire and how someone who caught with an accident but escaped with no damage to his body.

These are the reasons why his amulets are growing in popularity and prices over the years:
- Very effective. proven with lots of testimonials
- A highly powerful monk that focus on meditation and psychic power.
- All amulets are produced in small quantity and chanted by him with special incantation method.

LP Phrom was born in April 20, 2427 in Ayuthya. He was ordained since 2447 and set out for pilgrimage to various forest areas at Myanmar and Cambodia for the purpose of attaining peacefulness through meditation for many years. LP Phrom has once said "There are many monks who set out on pilgrimage and died from attack of wild animals or that of forest devils because they lacked high level psychic power for self protection. And during his pilgrimage, he chanted "itipiso" verse of 8 directions to the extend of creating an image of powerful glass wall which protected him from harmful attack of all wild animals and devils.

The incantation of LP Phrom amulets are also different from other monks. He will hold the amulets with both hands and direct his strong psychic power towards the amulets with open eyes. And he used to say that whoever possesses psychic power can detect aurora emit from his buddha amulets.

Many years after master passed on, miracles happened. His body remained un-decomposed. In fact, his hair, nail and beard grew longer and longer till today. Disciples got to cut and tidy up his body every few months. And his body was kept in a glass coffin at Wat Chong Kae for displayed and admiration of the public.

There are 4 popular classes of LP Phrom's amulets:
i. 2512 bell code rooplor; only 400 made. and LP Phrom performed incantation for the longest period of 3 months. 4th ranking of top 5 popular holding amulets in Thailand. Very expensive.

ii. This batch roop with LP Phrom finger pointing upwards, brass material. 2507. Made 600 pieces.

iii. Rein , first batch copper, 2507. 3000 pieces were made.

iv. 2512 Somdej Faa Pa. The green color piece only 200 pieces were made. The reason for its names "Faa Pa" or "Thunderbolt" is because the wearer of this amulets by the name of Mr. Sompong was stroked by thunderbolt but he was harmless even though his clothes were all burned up. This incident was reported in news and spread on to the entire village.

Effect of LP Phrom's Amulets: Prevent/avoid accident, promote safety, protect against weapons and enriching prosperity and luck.


  1. How come some said he born on 12th of april..bt u said is born on 20th of april.. may i knw which one is correct ???thks