Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Somdej wat rakhang nur loha pasom langkon

1st batch of metal somdej made in 245x by the wat rakhang abbot then. Condition pretty good. Form of prok poh with 2 tiers.

Unknown to many people but this batch was highly sought after. Main reason being the metal used to made this batch was actually takrut inscribed with yant by many of the top monks of that era. Wat rakhang distributed metal sheets to many temples of that era. And requested the monks to inscribe yant onto the metal sheet and go through chanting ceremony pf 3 months before returning them back to wat rakhang.

Then another consecration ceremony was carried out at wat rakhang to melt all takrut and make into the form of somdej. Some of the amulets that stick together or stick to the mould was actually hammered out. Thats why the name langkon. Kon is hammer in thai.

60 top monks are invited for chanting of this batch. Including lp derm of wat nong pho, lp suk of wat makhamtao, lp boon of wat klang bang keaw, lp boi and many more.


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