Friday, January 16, 2015

Lp boon somdej pim sam wao 2446

Sharing my second piece of LP boon somdej pim sam wao nur wahn.

This is an aged old somdej made by top monk of wat klang bang keaw.

Lp boon is the originator of making biagae n also special herbs mixture jintamani. He was one of the olden era monk (similar era as somdej toh of wat rakhang) that made amulets with jintamani. Herbs mixture that is believed to heal all kind of diseases.

Back then many ppl went to his temple n he cured them with boiled herbs mixture even those very sicked. Doctors came to learn from him too.

N many of u heard of biagae. Biagae of lp boon is a dream piece for many collectors. Pioneer in the olden days method of controlling mercury found from sea bed n sealed in special shell. Known to dispel black magic n danger..many reports from newspaper with minister escaping danger or asasination wearing his amulet. N choa sua of lp boon is a favourite of the rich besides lp ngern roop.

Top amulets from lp boon include the folowing.
1. Chuo sua
2. Somdej jintamani
3. Somdej nur wahn
4. Biagae

It is a dream piece even for seasoned collectors. Nowadays his chuo sua or somdej jintamani, cost more than 350k thb fatching price close to a nice wat ketchaiyoh somdej by somdej Toh.

Will send for competition soon....


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