Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2517 lp kassem mongkun nur phong wat susantrailak (2nd placing)

Very good condition glazed lp kassem mongkun made in 2517. The famous batch together with master expensive rein n pidta n kring.
This is the best one should collect with lp kassem. A truely holy n genuine monk that reach arahang level even when he is alive.
Lp kassem use to medidate alone in cemetary for months without food staying away from hassle of managing a temple.
He believes in staying calm n remain clear minded even under influence of external environment. Thats the reason why he stays in cemetory.
One of the most respected monks by Thai king.
However after 2521, the temple was under management of committee. N it gets very commercialise. He produced many batches after that which a true collector of kassem amulet would focus on those made in 2517 or earlier.
Enjoy..a true beauty!

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