Saturday, February 18, 2017

Phra Somdej Nur Phong Yant Vilas - LP Daeng (Wat Khao Ban Dai-it) - Yellow

Sharing a good piece of somdej very popular for danger/accident avoidance.

This was made by LP Daeng (widely known as the bullet-proof monk). His 2502 coin is highly priced and popular among collectors including Hong kong movie stars. Some people said that both Jacky Chan and Andy Lau were seen wearing this coin whenever performing special stunt. Can't verify that since i don't know them personally :).

For somdej, i would say this is good for both wearing and for just collection. The material used for the making is already worth every penny of it and much more. Back then, officer Phra Song Jerm Porm offered to LP Daeng to make this batch. He spent 20 years collect all the materials and mixed them. The ceremony was conducted in 250 temples and attended by over 5000 monks from 2489 - 2509 B.C. The process of pressing the mixed materials into molds was completed around 2511. LP Daeng then conducted the ceremony for another 3 years (2511-2513 B.C.)

Some of the materials used for the making of this somdej:

1. Ground broken amulets of Somdej wat rakhang, BKP, Wat In, LP Prink amulets.
2. Phong Kru Wat Ngern Klong Toey
3. Phong Kru Wat Sam Pluem
4. Phong Phra LP Thuat of Wat changhau, Pattani
5. Phong LP Tien, Wat Bod, Patthum Thani
6. Holy Soil (Nur din) from 4 important buddhist places in India (Buddha Birth, Enlightenment, Sermon and Death)
7. The great 5 holy powder of itijay powder, maharaj powder, budhakhom powder, Padhamong powder, Tri-Nisinghae powder.
8. Bronze dust of casting Buddha from many important temples: Wat Palelai, Wat Bovorn, Wat Makutkasart, Wat Bodhi, Wat Phra Singh etc
9. Holy Soil from 9 good name areas: Chai nat, Chai badal, Phichai, Denchai, Mahachai, Chaiya, Chaiyaphum, Hariphuchai, Nakhonchaisri (Chai : Victory)
10. Holy water and holy candle wax from 109 temples

So, with so much "Ho-liao" in it, what's more to ask? Amazingly, the price of this somdej is still very affordable after so many years. 

What shared below is normal phim, yellow color. Deep Yant, clear feature. Standard material. Easy to see. No cert though. Submitted to competition and accepted before. But condition not good enough to win in competition. But good enough for wearing. Got to be careful though. Lots of fake in the market.

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