Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pidta Kradoop Phi Article

Article translation Source (In Thai) : http://www.komchadluek.net/news/lifestyle/61455

History of this pidta:
- Famous since Indo-China war time in 1937 which involved between Thailand & France
- Many legendary Archans made the amulets for the soldiers to safeguard from the danger
- After Indo-China war, it was world war two, those Archans produced the amulets.
- Thailand allied with Japan. As such, Japanese army settled down in many parts of Thailand which afterwards were attacked by bombs from air troops. This resulted in many civilian casualties.
- Many amulets were then made and given out to the soldiers, police officers, volunteers and civilians for self-protection and boost their morale.
- In 1942 , Archan Nu, wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon made this pidta from the bones.
- Archan Nu was not only a master in making and blessing the amulet but also in Thai traditional medicine. He cured the villagers or sometimes blessed them or gave them amulet.

How it is made:
- The method of making this Phra Pidta was rather usual from the normal practice. He used ashes of the dead and mixed other blessed items since he believed that these ashes were a kind of charm. However, a master needs to bless them to get rid of the evil from the dead.
- The ashes of the dead can be of any- need not be of those who died of unnatural death.  In that period, ashes can be found easily, from the casualties in the war.
- Archan Nu mixed plants- those found deep in the woods. Despite these unusual components Archan Nu used, the amulets he made are very effective. Whatever your wish is, it will be granted. You should make merits for the owner of the ashes afterwards.
- The miracle from the amulet was proven from many incidents. Thai soldiers were shot but came back from dead to fight on.

How people like it:
- This amulet is very famous in keeping the users safe. In term of luck, there is like someone who will tell you how to get lucky. However, if you already get enough fortune, do not be greedy and ask for more.
- Any users who would like to experience such luck or fortune, just need to keep this one amulet.

Other Details of Phra Pidta:
Nowadays, Phra Pidta made by Archan Nu found in the market is not authentic. The authentic version must be pressed with deep mold and shows marks of the old age. This piece is a highlight in the market- not too expensive, although not easy to be found.

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