Sunday, February 12, 2017

LP Thuat Pert Loke Wat Sakae, Ayuthya

I have many pieces of LPT Pert Loke. This is an evergreen piece. It is probably the 4th or 5th pieces that i use to own. Condition is superb. It is my believe that everyone that likes LP Thuat should have at least something made by Ajarn Tim, Ajarn Nong, LP Daeng and LP Doo. They are the top monk known for making LP Thuat for years.

Name: LP Thuat
Nick: Pert Loke
Material: Copper
Temple: Wat Sakae
Monk: LP Doo
Year Made: 2532

LP Doo is well known for making few things. LP Thuat pert loke, LP Thuat Ring, Phra Phrom, Mahasedtee, Pidta etc. For details, refer to my previous post.

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