Saturday, April 30, 2016

After so long not posting.....

Hello fellow follower...

Have been really busy with my work. With the help of my amulets and of course my own hard work, career has take on to the next level but life is getting busier and busier. I seldom have time to look at my amulets collection nowadays. and seldom have time to interact with amulets friends in SGP or Thai.

Nevertheless, i shall continue to post whenever i have time. hopefully when i settle down.

Till now, i have been wearing many amulets.In terms of career and metta, i found the following serving me well.Effect can be felt and everything is smooth as butter.
1. Somdej Yant har from LP Tim Wat Lahanrai
2. Somdej Wat Ket Chaiyoh from Somdej Toh
3. Somdej Pilant , Wat Rakhang (Though this is effective, but felt heavy heart and stressful)

For wealth fetching, some of my close friends should know i am investing heavily in overseas recently and need cash flow. I wear LP Moon Pidta Ruay Thun Zai 2543 (Wat Baan Jaan). The cheapest version with just ivory powder.

It is really effective. Matter solved within 3 months. I have seen rented out this and bought the most expensive version (Nur Lek Nam Phi).

That's all i want to share. This is my personal experience. I believe everyone should have a piece of their own that they can tell friend. Pls tell us yours in comments section :)


  1. Hi, I am Alvin from Malaysia. It is really an enjoyment reading your posts and all your collections are so "high end"! I also have my own favorite piece of Lp Yai 2552 from Lp Maha Surasak. After wearing I got promoted just 1 month after and getting bonuses. As you said, really felt serving good