Sunday, January 3, 2016

Luang Phu Thuat Tao Lit - Ajarn Tim

Many people asked me about the price differences of LP Thuat Tao lit made by Ajarn Tim of Wat Changhai. So, i decided to summarize it here for the majority readers to the best of my knowledge based on current market situation.

Ultimately there are other factors that influence the price. For example, material used to make. and of course the amulet condition. Price varies about 100k THB depending on amulet condition. For material, a mix metal Pim A can be about 300k THB above but a Pim A with nawa material can be 1M THB above.

Assuming, it is all mixed metal and it is similar condition, then the following sequence describes the prices from high to low.

1. Pim A
2. Pim B
3. Apache (very close or similar price with Pim B)
         - Kang Kaed (thick line from hand to leg)
         - Kang Tamada
4. Pim C
5. Pump Sam
         - Pump A (pump again with Pim A mold) wide body
         - Pump 2 shy
         - Pump A (pump again with Pim A mold) normal body
         - Pump Sam block Tek (literally means broken block with line from head to hand and line from hand to side)
         - Pump Sam Tamada

Price dropped after reached the peak last year for Tao lit. but still expensive pim and good condition pieces are still highly sought after world wide. So...if you have and want to sell, please contact me :)

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