Friday, May 25, 2012

My Way Of Collection

My way of amulets collection now:

1. 50% of money : high end collection. Those that are above S$1,000. Highly collectable and easily resellable if needed. With standard market price. Can inherit to my son in future or resell it for retirement:)

2. 40% of money: mid end collection. Anything between S$200-S$1,000. For investment. Gain uses to fund class 1 purchases.

3. 10% of my money: for amulets that i like. May be from good luang phor. or with good cause. or amulets hot in current market.

So, i have three buckets with different amount of money. i will split my monthly disposable income into these three buckets. Only purchase with money from these buckets and not anywhere else.

I used to pawn my Rolex, sell my Panerai to fund my amulets purchase. i decide to stop this from now on. It becomes a burden and it disrupts my other expenses important for my family.

Haha...hope this works....i am trying it out now.

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