Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mid size Amulets competition at BKK on 20 October 2013

Sharing some photos for those that didnt manage to participate in this competition.

Also below are what you can do/expect if you are to participate one yourself.

1. Buy competition ticket n collect amulets box. Each amulet needs one ticket n 1 box.
2. Refer to competition Catalogue/book, fill in table no, category no, amulet description, submitter name n contact no in the competition ticket received.
3. Go to respective table, submit amulet n ticket together to the judge.
4. Judge will check your amulet n ticket. Fake amulet, not authentic, repaired amulets will be rejected on the spot. Ticket will be taken away, amulet returned and provided with a temple box without written anything.
5. Real amulets will be kept by judge. Label will be filled up. Submitter receipt will b given.
6. The above process is on going till early afternoon.
7. Judge will start to examine and decide for ranking n placing.
8. After 3pm, queue will start to form at individual table. Organizer will announce if the amulet category is readied for collection. Collection of amulet is by receipt. You need to show them your receipt before they return you the amulet.

Usually event ends at 6-7pm. Some of the categories are usually long queue. Lp thuat, somdej etc.

That's about it.

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