Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year

I am really touched. Many readers of my blog still frequently visit my blog and asking me for update. And asking if i have quit collecting amulets.

I have not. Is just that due to my work, I need to relocate to US for a period of time. So, i have slowed down a bit in my collection. Furthermore, with my current work load, it will be hard for me to update as frequent as previous. So, taking this chance i will replenish my collection again and hope to share more great amulets and information with you guys as much as possible.

I will update few amulets that I have collected for the past 3 months tomorrow.

Amulets collection is something long haul. But once u get to it, it is hard to quit. At least i believe so. Just that over in US, i couldn't find any "kaki" / fellow collector that can share and meet up for coffee to talk about amulets. I couldn't even find amulet shop here...Sad..

Anyway, feel free to continue emailing me. I will respond as much as i could.

Have a great day and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to All! Hope Rooster year brings great opportunity and prosperity to all.

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  1. Wish you good luck Patrick.Hope to see you back soon.tks