Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Usage of Jintamanee

Curing Illness

In the event of an illness where Ya Jintamanee was needed to cure, one should begin in the early morning with joss sticks and candles lighted on the altar, with a calm mind and make wishes to Luangpu Boon for his help to cure one’s illness and chant: -

Nakmo Tassa Bagavato Arahato Samma Samput Taksak (3 times)

Putak Rak Dak Nang, Thamak Rak Dak Nang,
Sangkang Rak Dak Nang, Oh Sak Tang,
Ut Tak Mang, Wak Rang Sap Pak Took Kang,
Sap Pak Roh Kang, Wit Na Se Dit,
Ark Se Sak Do, Na Mo Put Tak Yak.

After completion of chanting the mantra, consume the Ya Jintamanee with a glass of plain water.

For Metta Mahaniyom (Charm and Attractiveness)

If one wishes to have Metta Mahaniyom, eg; to complete an important business deal. Hold Ya Jintamanee between both palms in praying posture in front of altar with lighted candles and joss stick and chant the mantra with a calm mind before leaving home.

Nakmo Tassa Bagavato Arahato Samma Samput Taksak (3 times)

Ma Ha Mo Lee Jin Da, Pit Yang Mak Mak,
Wit Chak Sa Da Ri, Ta Si Ta Sa, Chat Do Mang,
Se Ne Ha, Pit Rik Ya, Pit Yo Iti Yo Iti Yo,
Mak Mang Rak Khan Dtu, Sap Pak Tah,
Sit Tik Day Chang, Ma Ha La Pang,
Ma Ha Sit Tik Yo Chak.

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