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Somdej Phra Koo Moon Pattern, Wat Prasat 2506 (1st Placing)

Private Collection:
Name: Somdej Phra Koo Moon

Issue Temple: Wat Prasat Boon Ya wart

Consecration Made: 2506 (1963)
Totally 2 times;
(1) 6th – 9th March 1963, there were well-known 234 Luang pos coming to chant, fully 4 days 4 nights.
(2) 13th – 15th November 1963, there were well known 108 Luang pos coming to consecrate, fully 3 days 3 nights.

Powder: Whitish Green, mixture of old Wat Rakhang and Bangkumprom powder

Production objective: Rebuild temple, store amulets into Chedi and give away to people who join the amulet consecration ceremony.

Competition: 1st Prize

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Main materials mixed in the Wat Phra Sart Boon Ya Wart’s amulets
1. Wat Ra Kang Somdej powder (consecrated by Ajarn Toa of Wat Ra Kang)

2. Broken-piece of Somdej Bang Koon Phom ( Or Wat In Tra La Wi han)
3. Chanted powder by Luang por Sod of Wat Pak Nam, Bangkok
4. Loog aom (holy ball) consecrated by Luang po Nim of Wat Noi, Supanbuiri. (His amulets are also in list of top amulet from Supanburi province, land of Baan Krang Kun Pane amulet)
5. Broken-piece of Somdej Wat Pup (One of the top Somdejs in Thailand)
6. Soil taken from where Lord Buddha born in India
7. Holy soil from Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province
8. 109 holy herbs throughout Thailand
9. Lek Lai powder given by Luang po Sorn of Wat Tung Sa Wang Serng Sang, Nakonratchasrima pronvice. (One of the top Luang pos from North East area at that time)
10. Broken-piece Somdej of Wat Sam Pherm, Bangkok (one of the top Somdejs in Bangkok)
11. Left-over powder from Somdej Pao amulets (Made in 1952)
12. Broken-piece Luang poo Thaud image amulet made since 1954 (herbal-powder amulet)
13. Broken-piece of Phra Lampoon from Lampoon province (one of the tops amulet from Northern part of Thailand)
14. Holy mineral grains throughout Thailand.
15. Holy and black soil as main material to make 1st Luang po Thaud 1954 batch from Pattani province.
16. Broken- piece Phra Kru (found-in-Chedi amulet) from Supanburi province.
17. Broken- piece Phra Kru (found-in-Chedi amulet) of Wat Am Pha Wa (One of the top amulet in Samutsongkam province.
18. metal grain leaf over from making well-known Phra Kling of Wat Su Tart (Legend of Phra Kling in Thailand, one of the top Phra Kling amulets in Thailand)19. Consecrated powder by Luang poo Nak of Wat Ra Khang, Bangkok province etc.

Those well-known Luang pos that came to consecrated the amulets such as;

1. Luang po Tim of Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province
2. Luang poo Nak of Wat Ra Kang, Bangkok province
3. Luang poo Toh of Wat Pha Doo Chim pee, Bangkok
4. Luang po Pae of Wat Phi Koon Thong, Singburi province
5. Luang po Tae of Wat Sam Ngam, Nakonphatom province
6. Chao Kun Pon of Wat Nang, Bangkok. (His medal is one of the top medal amulets in Thai amulet society)
7. Luang po Noi of Tham Ma Sa La, Nakonphatom province. (His “Rahu” amulet is one of the top Rahu amulets in Thailand)
8. Luang po Jong of Wat Na Thang Nok, Ayutthaya province. (His Takut and 1st medal are one of the south-after amulets nowadays)
9. Luang po Ngen of Wat Don Yai Hom, Nakonphatom province. (His 1st batch medal is now one of the top medal in Thai amulet society)
10. Luang poo Doo of Wat Sa Kae, Ayutthaya province
11. Luang po Thit of Wat Pha Rat Rai, Supanburi province.
12. Luang po Moi of Wat Don Rai, Supanburi province etc.


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