Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LP Peuak of Wat King Keaw

Luang Phor Peuak Pun-yataro was born in Bangpli District, Samutprakarn Province on Thursday August 12th, B.E.2412 to the family of Mr.Tongsuk Koomsuktong and Mrs.Khai Koomsuktong.

Pra Acharn Im Intrasaro, the second abbot of Wat King Keaw was his first sacred teacher having being taken there by his father at the age of 13 to be educated.

At the age of 18 he enlisted for military service for afew years, before returning to Wat Kingkaew in B.E.2433 where he was ordained by Luang Poo Tong, a senior monk of Wat Rach-yota(or Wat Rachbuakhao) and Pra Acharn Im Intrasaro, who acted as his Pra Upacha and Pra Karmavajacharn respectively.

He dedicated his life to the Buddhist faith, learning Dharma and meditation with Pra Ajahn Im Intrasaro, who was impressed by his honesty to Buddhism.

Several years later, Pra Ajahn Im Intrasaro passed away and the people of the province invited Luang Phor Peuak to become the new Abbot, aged 30, having served Buddhism for only nine years.

During his administration it is known that he built and repaired many structures within the temple grounds and surrounding areas including the sacred chedi, Pra Viharn, Dharma schools, primary schools etc

Moreover he also built a sacred Buddha Image, designed after Pra Chinraj, Pitsanuloke Province. Today this image still represents the temples’ principle Buddha

Note that this biography is researched and prepared by Used under permission from copyright owner: Buddhist-Amulets.Com

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