Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Somdej Phra Kru Moon, Wat Suthat 2495

Sharing a piece of nice somdej made by Phra Kru Moon of Wat Suthat in 2495.

Phra Kru Moon has collected lots of Somdej Wat Rakhang old Powder himselves and from Sankaraj Pae. Thus this batch of somdej was mixed with lots of old somdej Wat rakhang powder and other holy herbs and dried plants collected by Phra Kru Moon for a long time.

Nowadays, even somdej 2509 from BKP command high price tag even though a smll amount of old BKP powder mixed into it. Thus this batch of phra kru moon somdej is definitely more worth to collect both for wearing or collection.

And a note of caution. many people confused this with somdej phra kru moon made by wat prasat in 2506. Wat prasat made a somdej similar to this to commemorate phra kru Moon but i don't think phra kru moon himselves participate in wat prasat consecration ceremony. and the price is also lots of difference. This piece below is almost double the price for somdej phra kru moon by wat prasat.


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