Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LP Sri Phra Phrom Ngern (Sor Sae Wee) Pim Na Yai 2524

Sharing a piece of highly sought after Phra Phrom Sor Sae Wee from LP Sri of Wat Saket.

LP Sri is the top student of Ajarn Heng that are famous for making the most expensive phra phrom rein in Thailand. His Phra Phrom Rein is ranked top ten rein most of the time costing 400,000-700,000 THB. And 80% of Ajarn Heng Phrom was jarned by LP Sri if you compare the jarn behind the phra.

LP Sri learned the sacred art of making phra phrom since young with Ajarn Heng and had acquired the skill long. He was entrusted by Ajarn Heng to hand write jarn together with him during amulet casting and eventually he made his own phra phrom using the same method his master use.

Many different pim was made. but the most famous one apart from the egg shape phrom 2512, are the Sor Sae Wee Big face or Small face. What I have shared is Phrom Sor Sae Wee pim na yai (Big face mold) 2524 with original skin and condition. Jarn is unique and hand written by LP Sri himself. It looks very different from LP Doo Phrom. Qty made is only 400 for big face. And for small face, 2-300. Limited supply causes LP Sri Phrom to increase in price for the past 5 years.

Phra Phrom is very good for wisdom enhancement, protection and intuition for decision making. And plenty of good feedback from collectors of phra phrom of efficacy of those made by LP Sri and it is definitely a good replacement of Ajarn Heng's one if one can't afford the heft price tag of the top phrom made by Him


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