Thursday, July 4, 2013

LP Sri Top Range Phra Phrom - 1st placing samakorm

These are the top ranking LP Sri phra phrom for your reference and enjoyment.:) not many in Malaysia n Singapore n hk are really into lp sri phra phrom but it is very popular among Thai collector n dealer. N of course those that like phra phrom will definitely want to own a piece of these.

1. Oval shape 2512 phrom
2. Four face phrom 2513
3. Small oval shape 2517 Phrom
4. small round phrom 2518
5. Small face Sor sae wee  phrom
6. Big face sor sae wee phrom 2524

What I have shared here is the top ranking lp sri big oval shape phrom. Average condition. A piece of this in tip top condition n 100% authentic cost about 400,000 thb now a days..

Another piece in picture is the four face phrom 2513. More classic n with nice silver aura due to aging.

And also big face sor sae wee 2524 which I shared in previous post for your comparison.