Thursday, December 21, 2017

Some Observation after leaving amulets Collection for a while

Been inactive for a while like 7-8 months due to my work commitment and other changes in my life..Didn't blog at all and today, came back to Singapore and caught up with friends and collectors..

Thai amulet market seems bearish for a while..especially for LPT prices. it is pretty good to see some real deal going on now. Great time to invest in one if you have not own a 2497, 2505 or other Ajarn Tim LPT.

On the other hand, i am happy to see that LP Moon , Wat Baan Jaan is gaining traction in Thai and Singapore alike. Last time, 10 pieces of amulets in market, i see many LP Toh or LP Tim amulet. Now out of 10, i can see 1-2  amulets from LP Moon. Not many Pu Tim or Pu Toh pieces. It is getting really popular and the price has also skyrocketed. I started LP Moon few years back when Singapore is not so popular yet. I recommended to my friends and blog readers Pidta Ruay Thun zai. And that it has positive effect on my career and wealth. This recommendation still hold till now. Just that, now the price has gone up so much, it is no longer affordable for many novice collectors.  Everything made in year 2543, Roop loh, rein, pidta all at very high price especially nur lek num phi. If you happen to have 1, keep it. You are lucky!

Do share you experience if you own a LP Moon amulet.

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