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2505 Wat Changhai LP Thuat Pinaikum

Luang Por Thuat  Roon Pinaikum by Ajarn Tim 
Tummaro, Master of Wat Chang Hai

1 month before Ajarn Tim’s death at Siriraj Hospital, he wrote a will to describe his last words at Wat Eiam Woranuch.

Details of Ajarn Tim’s will:
Kru Wisai Sopol, 57 years old. Master of Wat Raj Burana Changhai, Pai Rai, Kok Poh, Pattani helped in writing Ajarn Tim’s will. The content is as follows:
1.     Pra Kru Patrakorn Kowit, Head of Na Pradu district Wat Na Pradu
2.     Pra Kru Manoon Samanakarn, Head of Tung Pla, Wat Palanupap
3.     Pra Sopol Tummakul, Wat Napradu
4.     Pra Kru Palud Nong Tumputoh, Master of Wat Sai Kao
5.     Pra Kru Bai Di Ka Kao, Wat Baan Di, Mueng, Pattani
The above 5 persons will be managing the inheritance:
1. Be responsible for the completion of Chedi (construction in progress) according to the construction plans
2. Gather funds from the donation to support the construction.
3. Pay all the debts for cost of construction materials, cost of making LP Thuat and making rings.
4. From my personal money, use 20,000 Baht only to settle the cremation. Use 50,000 Baht for building a wall surrounding Wat Na Pradu. Use the rest to set up a foundation or deposit in a bank in order to accumulate the interest money for future spending on items that benefits Buddhism and fellow Buddhists.
5. All cash deposited in the bank can be withdrawn for the Chedi construction or for paying debts.
6. Pra Luang Por nuen Wad was blessed during a ceremony on 19 May 2505 BC. Out of 2,000 Pra Nuen Wan, 200 were given to Pra Kru Ta Won Kul, Wat Eiam Woranuch. The rest to be given to those who make donation for building the temple’s wall and construction of the school of Pra Prariyat Tum, Wat Na Pradu. This is because Luang Por Tuad had been staying in this Wat and studied at this school since young.
7. Money from Luang Por Tuad’s friends were given to support the cremation and the funeral. Please return this money if not used.
8. Check and make a list of all the inheritance in the temple and my resting quarter to be passed on to the next master of the temple.
9. If any Laung Por Tuad Nuen Wan found in the my resting quarter, may give them to those that attended to me during my illness. Also, put some at Chedi as per agreement with Pra Kru Palud Nong.
10. Do not rent out any Pra Luang Por Tuad or any Luang Por’s ring. Please give them to those who donate for Chedi construction. Make a list to keep track of the donators as well

Point no. 6 above largely reveals the faithfulness of Ajarn towards Buddhism. This fact has made Pra LP Thuat, Roon Pinankum (of which ceremony was conducted by Ajarn Tim in 2505 B.C.) very popular till these days.

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