Monday, March 6, 2017

Somdej Nai Phao Phim Hua Bai Sri (Wat Inn, 2495)

Sharing an excellent condition piece of somdej Nai phao, 2495, Wat Inn.

This is the most expensive and sough after pim for Somdej Phao and has mixed with great amount of Somdej WRK old powder. I highly recommend this for newbies or anyone that likes somdej.

I only recommend 2 phims for this batch. Phim Ork Ruang Hua bai sri or the other phim with protruded chest.

Other details of this amulet, please refer to previous post. I have blogged about this in detail many years ago when i started blogging.

Many years ago, a thai friend taught me to collect amulet with standard material and standard phim to learn and even if it costs a little more. This principal i follow till now. This amulet is one such example.



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