Wednesday, March 1, 2017

LP Moon Pidta Ruay Thun Zai

One of the Pidta I loved the most if Pidta Ruay Thun Zai. Many of my friends know i don't wear pidta. I never found pidta effective, at least that is my personal feeling and i have tried many including those made by LP Toh, LP Tim. I have not reach LP Iam, LP Kiew, LP Klan standard yet. So, i have never try those. But LP Toh one and LP Time one, i have worn before and i got no positive feeling at all. In fact, i started to get hot tempered easily and my relationship with family becomes tense. So, i stop and never wear pidta for a long time. Until last year, i got convince by a thai collector to try LP Moon Pidta and this changed my view altogether. I have described that in my previous post, so, i am not repeating again.

Pidta Ruay Thun Zhai (Money abundance, millionaire) was made in 2543. Very new in fact. It has received raved reviews all over Thailand. It was made with many different type of materials and made in very small quantity. So, before i come to US, i invested in the most expensive material , nur Lek Num Pi. This costs me >150k THB. Considering other material is only costing 20k - 45k THB. But i believe it will cost even more few years down the road. Many of my friends have collected the entry level material and have good reviews too.

Other info:

Roon: 1st batch, Sao ha

Year made: Sao ha ceremony was conducted at Pha Nong Lom on 8th April 2543 B.E
Quantity made: 109 pieces
Remarks: First time in 132 years, it was made in ceremony blessing of Sao ha lasted for 5 days by 5 monks of Luang pu with age of more than 100 years old on Saturday the 5th waxing moon in 5th months and 5th year (Dragon year 2543 B.E)

Monks Participated

- LP Moon, master of ceremony
- LP Kong , 102 years old , Wat Sra Montol
- LP Lamai, Wat Payen Phechabu
- Kruba Tieng Tum, Wenruwan, Srisaket
- LP Sruang, Baan Sai Loom

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