Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2497 vs 2505 LP Thuat Nur Wahn, Ajarn Tim (Wat Changhai) - Part 2

LP Thuat of 2497 B.C. version is said to be the harder one to differentiate from other kinds, because:

  • LP Thuat was made of earth and wahn. The one that has higher component of earth looks more black while the one with more wahn looks more brown and grey. This amulet with the black tone has very fine texture, for example Pim Kammakarn. Since the amulet was not mixed with fixed components, this produced the outcome of different tones. Need an expert to examine and differentiate the amulet.
  • The way amulet was kept. When the amulet faces heat and humidity, the condition may change- the texture becomes more tight or loose.
The way to examine LP Thuat of 2497 B.C.needs to have a lot of understanding of which kind of mold and the colour pigments of the amulet.

LP Thuat of 2505 B.C.version (Phi nai khum commonly known as) is more intricate than the 2497 B.C. version since more time taken to produce and fewer number produced. (2497 B.C has 64,000 whereas 2505 B.C. has 20,000 pieces)

  • Pim Yai with Kamakarn face is similar to Pim Kamakarn of 2497 B.C. version but smaller. It is said that they might use the same mold.
  • Pim Yai with Kamakarn face (but made of new mold). The look is slightly different from first one. It is said that this becomes the original mold for Pim Yai wat Sai Kow (Ajarn Nong)
  • Pim Pra Rod may look similar to Pim Pra Rod Kammakarn 2497 but there are some difference. Phim nai khum version, 2505 B.C. has the same tone as Pim Kamakarn. As such, the tone is black with red, black and white pigments, similar to 2497 B.C. version. At the back, there are parts with gold colour mineral, which is unique to this amulet (2497 B.C. amulet may have this characteristic, but not many)
The amulet of Phim nai khum version, 2505 B.C. was produced in smaller quantity than the amulet of the same kind that has the same golden mineral at the back of the amulet. Therefore, Phra LP Thuat, , Phim nai khum 2505 B.C. version is more suitable to be collected than 2497 B.C. version in my opinion.

The amulet made in 2505 B.C. is usually big, worth collecting, although is rare, especially Phim Nai Khum Pim Pra Rod, compared to 2497 B.C. version, which is more common but more expensive.

In summary, for people that cannot afford 2497, or have better far sight, should study 2505. It is far more valuable and has great potential to increase prices. Anyway, their price difference is just 10-15% difference in market now. A top grade 2505 phim nai khum costs the same as a good grade 2497.

What I shared here are 2 very good condition 2505 LP Thuat Phi Nai Kum. One is Pim Yai with kamakarn face and same mold of 2497 pim kamakarn. The other one is new mold. Face and body looks slightly different if you look carefully.  Both are in excellent condition and have won in multiple competitions organized by Samakorm. 

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