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Lp Suk ( wat makamtao) - Top ten monks in thailand

Pra Kru WiMonKuNaGon or Luang Poo Suk GeSaRoh was borned at Moo Bahn Pahk Klorng MaKhamTao, Ampher WatSing, Jangwat ChaaiNaht. He was borned on 14th October BE2390 during the 4th King Regime.

When Luang Poo Suk was 10 years old, his mother sent him to KhungTep(Bangkok) to be raised by his uncle. Luang Poo Suk remained in khungTep until he got married and got a son. When Luang Poo Suk reached the age for ordain, he went to Wat PohTorngLahng and was ordained as a monk. His ordain's name was called GeSaRoh. Luang Poo Suk studied Dhamma and Sammadti at Wat PohTorngLahng until he was ready to go Tudung. He met many teachers in his Tudung days and he learned Wichah from them. One of the famous teachers who taught him Wichah was Pra Ah Jahn ThumWuaDaeng. Pra Ah Jahn ThumWuaDaeng was also the teacher who has taught Luang Por Ngern Wat Bang Klang Jangwat PiJit.

Luang Poo Suk went back to his hometown after many years in Tudung. His parents who has waited many years for his return, asked Luang Poo Suk to remain at Pahk Klorng MaKhamTao. Luang Poo Suk obeyed his parents and stayed at Pahk Klorng MaKhamTao until he became the abbot of the village's temple; Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTao. Luang Poo Suk rebuilt Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTao, from a small village temple to a large and beautiful temple.

Luang Poo Suk has many disciples, both ordained and lay disciples. One of his lay disciple who was very close to Luang Poo Suk was GromLuangChumPron KhetUDomSak who was the son of the 4th King. Luang Poo Suk taught him everything he knew about Dhamma and Wichah.

Luang Poo Suk was very famous for his Wichah. One of his abilties was that he could change the sizes and shapes of an object. And there was a widely circulated legand of him transforming elephant into house flies n transforming human into crocodile. Just ask around and most ppl in bkk will tell you this.

There was one day, an large group of merchants, stopped by at Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTao to rest. During those days, merchants used elephants as a mean of transportation.

While the merchants wanted to cook their meals at the temple, but realised that they did not bring along enough meat. Some of the villagers, jokingly asked them why don't they use their rifles to shoot at the pigeons at the temple, so that they could have pigeon meat for their dinner. One of the merchants took the joke seriously, and started to fire his rifle at the pigeon, but the rifle failed to fire. The villagers stopped him, and told him that Luang Poo Suk prohibit anyone to kill living things in the temple. That merchant refused to listen and seeing that the rifle failed to fire, he raised his cross-bow and fire the arrow at the pigeon. The arrow flied off, but dropped at a short distance, without hitting the pigeon. This merchant became very angry and started to shout: "What great power that The abbot of this temple has?"

Luang Poo Suk as if could hear the merchant from his KuTi from far, he came out from his kuti with hands carrying an empty coconut husk. Luang Poo Suk went to the gazing field. He chanted certain kathah on to the coconut husk, and then point towards the direction where the merchants' elephants were gazing. Miraculously, the elephants were reduced into houseflies and Luang Poo Suk covered the houseflies with the empty coconut husk.

The next morning, when the merchants were to set off their journey, they could not find their elephants. They quckly went to Luang Poo Suk and told him that their elephants have been stolen. Luang Poo Suk preached them precept of not killing of living beings: "If you kill a living being, the living being will feel pain. This is similar to the pain of losing your elephants." Luang Poo Suk taught them Dhamma and asked them to practise good deeds instead of bad deeds. The merchant then realised that it was Luang Poo Suk who was behind the strange happenings the previous day.

Luang Poo Suk led them out from his Kuti and went to the gazing field. Luang Poo Suk chanted a kathah and removed the coconut husk and the houseflies turned into elephant one more time. This was witnessed by many back then.

This ability to change objects into different sizes and shapes was one of Luang Poo Suk Wichah. He has never taught any person this Wichah, except GromLuangChumPron, his favourite lay disciple and GromLuangChumPron has never taught anyone until he passed away on the same year as Luang Poo Suk.

Luang Poo Suk Wat Makamtao passed away on 21st January BE2466 at the age of 76 living behind this legend n his teaching.

Today, lp Suk amulets or takrut or pidta were highly sought after n were easily one of the top ten ranking in their own categories in thailand. Certain pim with special materials have prices comparable to a piece of somdej wat rakhang. It has become a dream for amulets collectors to own any phra from him or even his photo.

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