Saturday, April 20, 2013


While having my breakfast now n pondering about my hobby of amulets collection, I think it is good to share an experience that I have recently and reflect upon lesson learnt. This also explains why do I MIA for like half a year without posting in my blog amidst busy schedule, projects etc.

Early Last year, I got a piece of amulet ( not too expensive, it cost around $1k +-) from a senior collector n very popular runner in Singapore. His livelihood from what I see is dealing with amulets n transaction from his amulet in website n forum.

I got from him an amulet that I love a lot but have not much expertise in it back then. Late last year, when I submit for competition, I found out that it is fake. Confirmed by dealer, expert in pantip n also competition. I went confront him n he denied everything. Initially he pushed It to the source of amulet. He refused to refund my money. N asked me to get refund from the original source of the amulet which he get from. Subsequently he made up story upon story to share with other collectors that I m not telling the truth. He even went to the extend of creating a fake cert to proof that his amulet is authentic when many people notice the photo in cert is different from my amulet obtained from him.

It was an ugly scene. I didn't pursue the matter further. Anyway, there is nothing much I can do if he took back his words.

What is the true meaning of Buddhism? What are the 5 precepts? Is it worth it to cheat others more so a friend or repeated customer (May be he had never regarded me as friend) just for the sake of 1k? Can 1k buy one's integrity or honesty? Can someone wear buddhist amulets , even the best can be found, and obtain protection from it if he/she constantly breaking the 5 precepts? ? I don't understand the motivation behind his wrong doing......hai..

This incident made me sad n felt dissapointed for a while.. n I stopped my hobby for a while until recently I notice I have not been updating my blog n ppl start to ask.

N now I am back :)  I have support from many many good, resourceful, helpful thai amulets dealers in thai with high integrity. We are friends even when we don't talk about amulets..So, in such situation, it makes it clear that who are your real friends.

Lesson learnt:
1. Always verify your amulets. Especially those high-end type.
2. There is no free lunch in this more if the amulets you are getting is like 30-40% lower than market rate.
3. Don't believe in story. Believe in yourself n own amulet certification experience. At least, If it is fake, you have yourself to blame.
4. Get amulets from those that exhibits high integrity.

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