Friday, April 19, 2013

Lp thuat, Pert loke, lp doo, nur ngern , 2532, 4th placing

I have shared my pert loke copper some time ago. This is my silver version. Price more than 3x of copper pert loke. Produced at qty only 1036 pieces. Silver is softer than copper. Thus not easy to find a piece with this condition.

Can clearly see ajarn suparat jarn behind n easily authticated.

N because of limited supply, n huge demand, prices has gone high for past few years.. but still I think it is worth every penny to own a priceless phra produced by a monk I honoured n respect the most.

Hope I can save up to get the gold piece. :)

Just to add on, this piece got a 4th placing in yesterday (9/8) major competition.:)

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