Saturday, March 24, 2012

AC Kien of Wat Thong Lor

Achan Kien of Wat Thong Lor, Nakhon Srithamarat is one of the famous wichah guru of Southern Thailand. He is renowned for creating efficacious amulet items for krongkhapan and metta.

The nurphong somdej pieces chanted by Achan Kien has various usages and have been taken as wichah preparation by a few top Kelantanese Thai bomohs for helping husband-wife relationship where a small portion of its powder is given for consumption. The royal family members of Kelantan also used to visit Achan Kien over consultation of personal and business matters. Achan Kien was so famous for his wichah incantations for metta that his chanted wichah powder can penetrate through a layer of glass. His meditative power was superb that he was able to locate hundred years of holy items embedded in old or ruined temples.

When PhraSangkala Somdej Yen San Wong of Wat Bovorn came to know about Achan Kien's waist takrood from a train driver from Nakhon Srithamarat who happen to visit him at Wat Bovorn, he was shaken when felt the waist takrood was so powerful that tinkles in his hand. He then asked the train driver to bring him to Wat Thong Lor to meet up with Achan Kien to make 2000 pcs of waist string takrut for soldiers, and subsequently 2 years ago, for another 3000 pieces. Phra Sangkala Somdej admitted that Achan Kien’s waist takrut is the best creation he has ever seen.

Several years ago, there was an article about a Thai soldier was blown for a few hundred meters when stepping onto landmines, but survived. He was wearing Achan Kien’s waist string takrut at that time. Another soldier was ambushed by a group of people, spraying M-16 bullets, but he survived too. Another rich businessman who lived in Chiangmai has a son who was studying in Bangkok. His son was handsome and admired by many local girls. One girl put a blackmagic speel onto him using blood from her period. Few months later, the son was acting very abnormal, and he could not continue his studies. The worried father seek almost all the top monks and wichah masters in Chiangmai and Bangkok, but failed to cure his son, until he consulted Achan Kien. His son was cured of the spell when he vomitted out a dark colour liquid with unbearable smell (like blood from period).

Achan Kien passed away peacefully in B.E. 2530.

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