Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wat Prasat 2506 Sangkacai

Don't want to repeat myself on history of Wat Prasat 2506 amulets. Refer to previous post for details.

Very Seldom i bought amulet at one look. This piece is love at first sight...haha....i rented it immediately i saw it. and wanted to bao plastic and gold wrap it to cute

Wat prasat, 2506, Sangkacai...Good amulet that went through big ceremony chanted by top gurus monks of the olden era.

Powder one already selling for S$250. So, i got mine at quite a reasonable price. Saw someone selling S$500 for this piece at much worse off condition. Wonder whoon earth will buy it..:)

Mine was verified real in competition. Mint condition. Sure can get 1st price in smaller competition :) my opinion of course...

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