Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wak Pak Nam, Roon 4, Jumbo with Precious Stones

Sharing my one and only LP Wak pak nam somdej, Roon 4,jumbo with precious stones and "por" script.

Early Versions (4th Batch) of Wat Pak Nam Amulets (Rectangular Shape) 1971~EARLY '80

The fourth generation of wat Pak Nam images is more popular due to a few reasons: First, it was more affordable to public. Secondly, other than basic ingredients, the fourth batch actually mixed with broken or reject pieces of the first, second and third batches during production. Strangely, people that I talked to was more fond of either the first or the forth generation of Wat Pak Nam.

Except for other reasons that leads to its popularity, there are few significant features with the forth batch: Firstly, it is made larger than earlier third batch, the mold has seemingly being designed to be perfected to enable to go for mass scale production and the images are clearer in its various detailed texture Next, this batch was probably the first that provides a variant in a triangular shape alternative (as well as a rare pieces of precious stones applied onto (at the rear section). Between the standard production unit, there is a variant which has a "Por" Thai inscription where some other added ingredient were added onto which make the "Por"version fetches a higher value than standard rectangular and triangular versions. And those that are jumbo with precious stones and with "Por" script behind are known to be exceptionally rare as compared to other 4th generations WPN. A real collectable piece..and much more affordable compared with its predecessor Roon Raek and Roon Sam WPN.

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