Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LP Daeng first batch Black Pidta, Wat Khao ban dai-it

Needless to introduce. Luang Phoo Daeng from Wat Khao Bandai-it is widely known as bullet proof monk after producing the first batch medal in 2503 wore by many movie stars in Hong Kong. Now, this first batch medal has grown up much in price costing anywhere from S$4500 - $8000.

Other then medal, LP Daeng has also produced famous Somdej, pidta, nangpaya etc which are all very holy items and widely liked by people because of the effacacy it has demonstrated throughout the years.And over the years, his somdej and other amulets have shifted up in price costing anywhere from S$300 to S$1000. Still very affordable as compared to his medal with similar effect and protection for wearer.

Refer to Luang Phoo Daeng Biodata for more info.

Pidta shared here is of my personal collection and it is in excellent condition. All fingers can clearly be seen.

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