Saturday, March 24, 2012

LP Tim First Batch Khun Phen, Wat Laranhai, 2514

Sharing this piece of nice first batch khun phen from Wat Lahanrai, made by Luang phoo Tim in year 2514.

Same batch as somdej chinabanchorn and the somdej with a goat below. Very rare. Not easy to find cause less quantity produced and sold in market. Less seen compared to the expensive 2517/2518 KPPK. This is make in 2514, pu tim chanted for 3 years in Kru and released in 2517. As this is kru amulet, the condition is usually not good or broken into piece during clearing process. This piece is considered top condition. A good replacement to his popular KPPK which has high end fakes flooding the market. Same effect. Price is catching up for this. A less nice condition piece is selling at Pantip for 28,000 Thai Baht (~S$1100). Still much cheaper than his KPPK costing anywhere from S$8000- 15000 depending on condition.

This piece is "doo ngai".
1. unique powder.
2. two layers of skin. Consistent with the rest of the batch.

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