Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Somdej LP Pae, 2509, Wat Pikulthong (3rd Placing)

Sharing my limited collection of LP Pae, Wat Pikulthong. This piece is made in year 2509 with nur kesorn (pollen). 108 kind of pollens from flowers. It is especially good for metta and business success and is also one of the more affordable range of somdej from LP Pae compared to his Pae Pan, Pae Sorng Pan, Pae Sam Pan Series.


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  1. i will post LP Pae Biodata shortly...i have known people that swear by his power and effacacy of his amulets. Some big business men possess multi million Wat Rakhang Somdej but only wear LP Pae Somdej daily.